I have lived in the Orlando area for 44 years. Worked at the VOLVO STORE in Winter Park for 22 years. I have always been into motorcycles and street rods as a hobby and this is what got me interested in the powder coating business.

I went into business with a partner and served Orlando and surrounding area for 11 years and due to the partner's retirement, my wife and I decided to open a new shop with all state of the art equipment.

The name is B-n-J Powder Coating, LLC -- and if you wanting to know how we got the name we have 2 Jack Russell's at home named Boudreaux and Jackie. So this is definitely a family owned and operated business.

Whether you have a small or large business, or you are an individual with a hobby or restoration project we welcome all past associates, new acquaintances and friends to visit with us at the new location.

We offer all colors that the powder coat industry offers and work is always done in a timely manner because we understand that everyone has obligations that they are trying to meet.

Our hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and Saturday by appointment only. We do understand that these hours do not always work out for some at times and we are willing to be here earlier or later for a drop off or pick up of a job, if prearranged.

We want to thank everyone for supporting us and look forward to serving the Orlando area in the future.

Thank you

Steve and Shirley Bronovitsky

B-n-J Powder Coating, LLC | 407-999-8448 phone | 407-999-8447 fax